We arrived in Dartmouth with Jackson in Tow – Thank goodness

When we left Camden ME, John wanted to help me and raised the TV antenna.  Because we usually have our own chores, what he forgot to do was to clip the colored clip to the antenna handle so that I would know the antenna was raised. Needless to say, when it was time to pack up, since I didn’t see the colored clip attached to the antenna, I assumed that we had been on cable during the week and didn’t touch the antenna.  You guessed it, the antenna wrapped itself around a tree branch and the poor thing was never the same. Two hours into the ride, John asked me if I had lowered the antenna and of course I had not, so we pulled off the side of the road, I climbed on the roof where sure enough, it had a very nice green wig all around it.  I removed the branches, physically lowered the antenna and drove on.  When we arrived at the next campground, the antenna, poor thing, could not get up on its own, but with my help from the top of the roof, I lifted it to life again and we were able to watch the only 2 channels available, 1 fuzzy at best. Canadian TV stations are not so good.  BTW:  The weather forecasters are really far off the mark, but I guess they are in the states as well.  The news are rather simple and usually very oriented to more hometown events.  But still, it is TV and John enjoys using the clicker (the remote)  even if for only two channels.  

We drove to Dartmouth, across the river from Halifax, as we had made an appointment for the antenna to be repaired and for them to install the backup camera that had yet to be properly installed since we got the unit.  The backup camera was kind of a sore subject which is why I had not brought it up.

As you probably know, John purchased our unit and checked off every possible available option.  The backup camera was one of those options.  Our dealer installed the camera but told us that because our unit was so large we needed a booster that had been ordered and it would be mailed to us as soon as they received it. We gave them our son’s address in Charleston so they could mail the booster there.  We arrived and left Charleston and no booster was ever received.  Days later a neighbor contacted us to tell us that a package had been delivered to our home and it was sitting in our front porch.  He was kind enough to mail it to us and we received it while we were in Pennsylvania.  What we got though was not a “booster” but a computer board for all our slides and jacks. Huh?  So we the dealer yet again and another “booster” was ordered.  This one was never mailed to us because again it was the wrong part.  On the third attempt, they mailed us something that looked like an antenna, but it did not connect to the part that the dealer tech said it would. After several calls back and forth, managers, part department managers, want to be managers, etc., we were told to trouble shoot it.  John even called the manufacturer to inquire as to what part exactly should be ordered.  That is when we learned that they do not make a booster.  When we contacted the dealer with this information, we were asked to trouble shoot the antenna we received to what had been installed.  To which I blew my second Cuban gasket and asked them why I should have to climb the roof, possibly fall, incur broken bones at best, to trouble shoot something they should have installed to begin with and that was already paid for.  Low and behold, they told us to go ahead and go to a repair place and have them install it and send them the bill, which we will gladly do.

We dropped the unit off in Dartmouth and drove into Halifax with Jackson in tow.  We walked the wharf and had a delicious lunch, ran some errands and when we returned to pick up the unit, both antennas were working and we were happy campers again.

Off to Hubbards Beach we go.

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