John was bitten by a dog

We woke up yesterday morning and all was great.  Shortly thereafter the entire campground lost power.  Oh well, just a small set back, we chose not to turn on the generator as we hoped the power would return shortly.  Since I couldn’t brew coffee, we decided to feed and take Jackson for a long walk until the power got restored.

The night before we had met an older couple with a dog they claimed was a great dane mixed with boxer.  I wasn’t really sure as it looked more like a pitbull/boxer mix, but who I am to say.  I can’t usually tell what breeds humans are, let alone dogs. In the morning the couple meets up with us and their dog, Sherman, starts playing with Jackson.  

A little later, an 8 month old adorable yellow lab and his owners walk by and John asked if their dog, Maggie, was friendly and whether Jackson could play with her.  They were playing really well together.  Well for some unknown reason, Sherman just decided to attack Maggie and went right for her throat, dragging his owner on the ground for about 10 feet.  He would not release his jaw and it was awful to watch.

I was so incredibly grateful that Jackson steered as far away from the encounter as possible, thank goodness.  John yelled for me to immediately take him into the unit as we had no idea who would be next and knew he would not survive this type of attack.

Unfortunately, John happened to be right between Maggie and Sherman at the time and Sherman’s mom asked him to help her so he felt like he had to help separate the dogs. Not a good idea for any normal human to do, but consider this, you are talking about John.

Both sets of owners were all tangled up with the dogs and their leashes. Blood was spurting everywhere. Finally, the dogs are separated thank goodness, when suddenly, b because the owners could not handle Sherman, he slipped off his leash collar and he went directly for Maggie this time attacking her from the back and biting her back hind leg. Another neighbor who was coming to render aid, was wearing some mean looking steel toe boots and kicked Sherman hard enough in his special place to get his attention, at which time he dislodged and was able to get secured again.

I had never seen anything like this before and was scared for all the humans involved as they all got bitten.

John’s hand immediately became swollen so I knew we had to go to the hospital.

I drove John and Maggie’s owners, Chris and Sharon, to the nearest hospital, about 18 km or give or take 20 minutes away. Chris and Sharon had their camping neighbors, whom they had just met the night before, take Maggie to a vet about an hour away because they needed help themselves. Sharon was seated in the front seat, which in hindsight was perhaps not a very good idea, because she was hyperventilating, and I wasn’t sure whether she was really hurt and whether she was going into shock.  I really couldn’t see much blood on her, but boy was she losing it. Her husband, Chris, who had his left hand sliced between the thumb and index finger all the way to wrist was in the backseat with John trying to calm her down. Nothing was working.  I just knew that she had to try to keep calm.  So I asked her, are you hurt or just nervous?  Leave it to me to be insensitive!  She said she was okay just very nervous.  I was getting nervous myself and decided to start talking to her. As all Cubans do, I start talking with my hands and let go of the steering wheel, to which both men started yelling at me “keep your hands on the wheel”.  So I then turned to Sharon and told her, listen you have to breathe.  So I’ll breathe with you.  I remembered my Lamaze classes with Ashley.  Gee that was over 23 years ago, so I knew I was really, really rusty, but there we went.  Hee, hee, hee, whoooo or something like that for quite a long while.  It if didn’t calm her, it sure calmed me.  

John ended up having 10 puncture wounds just above his right wrist with two of them pretty deep.  Eight hundred dollars later, he got a good cleaning, some polysporin, a bandage, a tetanus shot, and a prescription for antibiotics for yet another $40.00.  All this for being a good samaritan and saving a sweet dog’s life.  

During the evening we built a beautiful bonfire and Maggie’s parents came over along with the neighbor with the steel boots, Paul, and his wife, Sue.  John, of course, had to ask what type of kick did he use.  Was it a soccer kick or a football kick, which broke the ice.  We ended up having a wonderfully fun, night with the moon reflecting on the water and the five islands on the background.  This is truly a beautiful place.

What do you think, enough excitement for the day?  We were hoping to travel to a place called the Rocks, which is where the tidal bore can be seen, but we will have to do it another time. It will be an opportunity to return.

Tomorrow back to the states we return.

1 thought on “John was bitten by a dog

  1. You have had many experiences on this trip, but this was probably the worse. We are glad to hear Jackson came out of this unharmed. There is nothing worse than a dog fight. Sounds like John needs to purchase some steel towed boots for his next adventure with dogs. You were the right person at the right time to calm your neighbor down. I started to breathe with you while reading..HeHe..HaHa..HeHe..brings back memories! Stay safe, kiss John's boo-boo's.. Where to next?

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