Derby Day!!!

We woke up on Derby Day and had a full schedule ahead of us.  First on the agenda, our baby Jackson was taken to a kennel.  We were not happy about it but we were out all day and John had to attend a weeklong conference immediately after the Derby at The Galt House, which is not a pet friendly hotel.

We arrived at the Derby around noon, all dressed up and our hats in place.  We were absolutely amazed by what we saw.  The crowd was huge, but yet very organized.  Mint juleps were everywhere.  It was a gorgeous, sunny, yet mild day and everyone was smiling, having their pictures taken and just enjoying the moment.  Men in colorful seersucker suits, bow ties and hats.  Ladies in beautiful dresses complimented by big, colorful,  gorgeous hats, and let’s not forget flip flops.  I’ve never seen so many hats in one place.  We had amazing box seats under roof so we were not at all hot.  The races were exciting and it was an all around wonderful day.  Some people were up, obviously some down.  I have never seen so many people losing money and yet happy at it.  What an experience!  A great big checkmark on this bucket item.

Staying at the Galt House is wonderful.  Yeah, a real toilet and a bathtub!  Haven’t used those in a while.  LOL.  We have enjoyed wonderful meals, especially at Jack Ruby’s Steakhouse.  What a great place and the food…oh, the food is to die for.
Today is Thursday, May 8th and the Kentucky Pipe Trades will be taking us to the track again. Looking forward to yet another fabulous day.


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