Oh my! I thought we had good seats at the Derby.

The Kentucky Pipe Trades hosted us to a day at the races today.  So back to Churchill Downs we went.  This time however, it was a bit different.  No.  Way different!  Don’t get me wrong, we had amazing seats at the Derby and absolutely no reason to complain about a single thing, and I certainly am not.  We did not sit in hot metal bleachers, we had a very comfortable box with six chairs, we had a covered roof, the bathrooms were clean with reasonable lines, we ate what I thought to be relatively decent food for such an event, i.e., hot dogs, nachos, various sandwiches, meat skewers, drinks, etc., you know, the typical stuff.

Well, these Kentuckians know how to host a party.

We were able to park within a very short distance from the valet entrance.  We walked in through “glass doors”, and the entire area was air conditioned.  We were escorted into manned elevators, whose operators made sure we all had our proper credentials and once certain that I was indeed a legal alien, up to Millionaires Row we went.  Oh dear.  No hot dogs there, no nachos there, heck no sandwiches there.  For that matter, no paper products of any kind either, linens and silver only, thank you very much.  The room we walked into was huge.  The betting windows were immediately on the right, to your left was the dining area and the entire length of the room had glass doors which allowed access to various different level balconies right on the finish line from where you could view the track.  The dining area itself resembled a large banquet hall with many tables all nicely decorated and properly appointed.  Waitresses were constantly walking around, each focused on attending to your needs for libations.  If you got thirsty, it was your own fault. There were three beautifully appointed buffets, each with copper pans, not your typical metal chaffing dishes, and all of which served many varieties of absolutely delicious food.  

There was a glass art display depicting a day at the races at Churchill Downs.  It was incredible and had to be at least 30 feet long.  Churchill Downs, the scoreboard, the people,  the horses, the jockeys, the stalls, everything was made of blown glass.  I could have spent hours looking at this display, as I was amazed by its intricacy and detail. 

I have many pictures to post, but I forgot my charger and my phone is dead so they will have to wait.  Sorry.

What a great afternoon.   We had a wonderful time.

Tomorrow morning we pick up our baby, Jackson, and then on to pick up the unit, which was in RV hospital all week, by the way, but that’s another story.  Once everything and everyone is retrieved, we will be on our way to Sevierville, TN. 

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