We’ve left Greenville,SC and are now in Mount Airy, NC

We arrived in Greenville, SC on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 and parked on the parking lot of the clubhouse for the subdivision in which we lived almost 14 years ago.  Because the parking is not designed for RV’s, we had to dry camp, which is also called “boon docking.”  All I can say is thank goodness for our generator. When you turn the generator on, you get electricity, hot water from the fresh water tank, you can use your heater and/or air conditioner.  You can even turn on your tv’s.  Boy, I would not camp any other way.  I’ve always told John that I would gladly glamp – glamorously camp – but I will absolutely never camp.  Anyway, we stayed there for 3 days visiting our old friends, Bruce and MaryClare Hadsell, and driving around town.  Downtown Greenville has been refurbished to almost it being unrecognizable.  It is absolutely beautiful!

We drove to Mount Airy, North Carolina on Tuesday, May 21, 2014.   Yeah!!!!  No rain on the way.  We arrived at Mayberry Campground and met up with our Florida friends Walter and Linda West.  Oh boy, we missed our drinking nights, but surely remedied that situation quickly.  LOL.

Today we went to lunch at 13 Bones and had the most delicious baby back ribs that just absolutely fell “off the bones”.  

Jackson has fallen out of grace with his food and our friend, Linda introduced us to what she feeds her dogs.  We gave Jackson some of it and he absolutely loved it so off to Tractor Supply we went and bought him some delicious food.  Thank goodness I no longer have to go crazy thinking about what to mix his food with.

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