The Facelift Saga

Our RV is only 15 months old and, of course, we keep it in immaculate condition.  However, I have always disliked the vinyl flooring it came with from the factory, as it looked like a fake marble and no matter how you well you cleaned it, it always looked dirty.  Perhaps the color had something to do with it, who knows, who cares.  Regardless, I’ve never been a fan of vinyl and plain and simply, I just did not like it.  Also, it came with carpet that looked like a short looking shag.  Imagine, each piece of yarn is certainly appears that way.  It was awful, very thin and the dirt it accumulated was just ridiculous.  We also had an issue with the small four door refrigerator.  Because we live in our unit full time, many times we had to choose between food or beer.  I am glad to report that the beer always won, so we went out to eat a lot.  Since we’ve been in Charleston for quite a while waiting for our beautiful baby grandson to arrive, we decided to go ahead and begin the renovations during the week we were in Hilton Head.  

On Saturday, a week ago, we returned from Hilton Head hoping to pick up our RV with all the work completed, but that was not in the cards.  In order for us not to be displaced, we agreed that we would take the RV with us to the campground with the promise to return the unit back for the work to be completed.  

They wanted us to bring the RV back to them and offered to get us a cabin as a place to hang until they finished the pending work.  The day before we were to take the RV back, we checked with the campground’s office to find out what cabin had been assigned to us only to find out that the RV company had forgotten to make a reservation and no cabins were available.  Plan B would have to go into effect.  They decided to lend us a 5th wheel for us to stay in.   All would be good – or so we thought.

Our beautiful grandson Camden arrived and our daughter Katrina was able to fly in from Cheyenne, WY to meet him.  Naturally, she would be staying with us for a few days.  The day of her arrival happened to be the first day we would be staying in the loaner, which was much smaller than ours and the sofa bed was old, hard, and small.  The bed that John and I shared also had a hard, thin mattress which was just not very comfortable.  We were hoping to only stay in it for two days so we just decided to grin and bear it and make the best of it.  Jackson didn’t much care for it either and he chose to show us his feelings in a very expensive way.


We kept going back to the RV company to meet with the owner,  who was very nice and friendly and very understanding of what we were looking to have accomplished.  For whatever reason, they could not figure out how to accomplish what we needed on the steps.  All we wanted was to have a bullnose installed on the steps, they had installed the refrigerator on the platform where the previous small fridge was, so the only way I could reach the top shelves would be with a step stool.  Finally, it was all done and I now have full access to all the shelves in the fridge.

Flooring – before facelift:

Four door fridge (left side) and vinyl flooring before facelift:

After facelift:

Now everything fits – Beer AND food and I can reach all the shelves without the need of a step stool.

The stairs were finally done the way we wanted them built.

Cleaning the floor is now a breeze and my tushy will be forever clean with my new Toto Bidet Washlet.

And I am a happy girl!!

Heading southbound today to end up in Key West for Fantasy Fest!

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