ALMOST… Back to Normal – no pun intended

It’s been quite a while since my last update.  As most of you know, after several urgent care visits, 2 emergency room visits (including the emergency room at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville), a chiropractor and a neurosurgeon, finally John has a diagnosis.  Apparently, he has spinal stenosis.  He aggravated his back by bending over to pick up a heavy water tank while twisting his waist to put it into the belly.  He did this on the Monday we were in Brunswick, Georgia and the pain came in full vengeance a day later.  Friendly advice:  NEVER USE YOUR BACK TO LIFT ANYTHING, ESPECIALLY IF IT IS HEAVY!!

He has finally begun physical therapy and has had only two sessions.  Already he feels a bit better, but not good enough to be in the truck for long distances or long periods of time yet.  Still mending, and boy when you get older, mending is more like weaving.  It just takes longer.

We will be staying at Jonathan Dickinson until mid September and until just this weekend, the campground has been relatively empty.  Not so this weekend.  It’s really neat to see a campground come alive.  People walking their dogs early in the morning and late at night and campfires all around (which I believe is crazy given the current temperature).  Night time is my absolute favorite.  It’s dark because the campground is tucked between Stuart and Jupiter so no city lights affect your ability to see the stars in the sky, while a nice breeze flows in from the water, keeping bugs away, all the while I lay in my hammock.  Now…. that is the life!

On Tuesday, we pick up the unit and drive it to Florida Outdoors so they can install the inverter for the refrigerator that the RV company in South Carolina could not figure out how to install.  I have hopes that this will be a better experience.

Will let you know and will keep you posted.

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