Yet Another Little Snafu – Thank Goodness Not a Bad One

As we left our friends’ home in Homestead, even though we were connected to the truck, anything operated by the batteries would not work.  It was obvious that the current was not getting through.  The refrigerator’s inverter would not work but we decided to make the drive to Long Key regardless since it was not going to exceed a couple of hours.  When we arrived at Fiesta Key, we were given a most wonderful site.  We are on the campground’s edge, surrounded by water on each side, with a tiki hut on a small pier right next to us which no one seems to utilize. 

We wake up to this…

The sunsets from our site are typical Key West sunsets – just absolutely spectacular!

In the meantime, we made calls to an RV mobile repairmen.  One came out today to investigate the situation.  We knew that it had to do something with the batteries, but the switch was on and I did not know what else I needed to do.  I learned that there is a small button (about the size of a half a pea at best) below a bank of connectors that connect the batteries to the battery switch.  Well, I’ll be…. That “HIDDEN” button works just like a bathroom GFI switch.  You push it in and when it clicks, it resets itself.  The guy pushed it in and all was well in the world again.  Yet another thing I learned to look into if something similar happens again.  Why nobody tells you these things is beyond me.  I guess they believe that half the fun is to learn the hard way.  Oh and everything is hidden too and not obvious either.  Oh well. 

For those who do not know, John’s back was getting much better when he misstepped coming out of the RV and jarred his back again.  So…. back to square one we go.  Thank goodness his pain level is only half as bad as last time.  I will be taking him to a pain doctor in Homestead on Monday.   In the meantime, since he has no painkillers, alcohol will just have to do the trick.  LOL.  

After all what is the Keys without alcohol.  🙂

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