Back for some more Craziness!

We decided to take a morning swim behind our RV and invited Jackson to join us.

Poor boy, he swam towards me and hugged me soooo tight.  He put his head on my head, just to make sure he would stay afloat!  I got help from noodles.

I was craving Cuban food and since it was my birthday, it was agreed that we would all go to El Siboney in Key West.  BTW, if you’ve never been, it’s off the beaten path, towards the southern part of the island, the food is incredible and you don’t have to eat for a week afterwards.  I ordered my favorite which is Palomilla Steak with white rice, black beans and tostones.  Yumm!

After being totally satisfied, we went into town for some souvenir shopping as Bruce and Mary Clare would be leaving the following day.

While there, we saw many people in costumes and wild dresses made to be worn by those who have been blessed with hourglass figures, except this lady had not had an hourglass shape in a long time.   Nevertheless it was amazing how this outfit stretched!

We then went to Sunset Pier and Malory Square to watch the well-known Key West sunset.  As expected, we enjoyed a great sunset and as a bonus we also saw what I’ve only read about in Shades of Grey.  A young guy had a dog leash with a short lead being held by the girl sitting next to him.  We happened to be standing right behind them.  I’m not usually speechless, but in my attempt to be tactful (?) since I was so close to them, just opened my mouth and nothing came out.

On second thought, he might just look a bit like a bulldog and just maybe he does need a leash?  Perhaps not, bulldogs are much  cuter.  Hmmm,  oh well.  Again, I digress.

Looking at the water, while the sun was setting, two beautiful dolphins swam by.  That was just the perfect way to bring our friends’ weekend here in Key West to and end before they have to return to work (yuck).

Bye for now!  We’ll keep you posted.

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